Spend less time on admin, and more time settling loans

Streamline collecting information from your clients

Branded client application process

Your clients will be able to send you all of the information you require for a lending application through a smart online application process that’s branded to your business.

Easily capture leads online

Trail’s software makes it easy to convert your website or social media visitors into clients.

Automated document collection

Clients will be asked to upload a custom list of documents based on what they are trying to achieve, getting you the right supporting information fast.

Take the hard work out of preparing lending applications

Automated bank servicing calculations

Trail automatically completes the servicing calculators across all of the main banks.

Automated UMI & LVR calculations

Trail takes the hard work out of calculating commonly used calculations, such as LVR, UMI, required lending, etc.

Advanced application options

Trail makes it easy to duplicate applications, and present complex lending scenarios to the bank.

Easy document management

Broker or client uploaded documents are easy to include in an application. Trail makes it easy to edit, compress, and merge documents.

Professionally presented lending applications

Trail applications are preferred by lenders as they are clearly formatted and easy to read.

Effortlessly deliver mortgage advice

Produce personalised mortgage recommendations

You can build templated advice to educate your clients effortlessly online.

Confirm loan structures online

The process of finalising a loan structure and ensuring new loans will fit a client’s budget is made easy through Trail.

Easily manage fixed rate reviews

Automate the process of following up on fixed rate reviews. You’ll be notified when a loan is approaching its expiry date. Send the client through a unique fixed rate rollover process, which keeps their information up to date through time.

Track the size of your mortgage book

It’s easy to keep track of the size of your mortgage book. Trail’s product dashboard lets you see how much lending you’re managing for your clients, and which bank it’s with.

Easy access to top lenders in your region

Streamline your product access

We support a number of top lenders and are always open to adding more lenders to our panel.

Access to 22+ quality lenders

Timely commission payment

Commission tracking

Compliance Support
(Coming Soon)

Supporting your relationships with top providers

“Having Trail help prepare my mortgage applications has been a game changer. It helps save significant and valuable time per submission, each and every time.”

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Rod Schubert

Use Trail risk-free for 60 days

If you’re not happy Trail is set up and working effectively for your business within 60-days, we’ll refund you your first 2-months of membership, no questions asked.

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