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Everything available online

Whether you deal with your clients in person or online, Trail has streamlined all of the key interactions between you and your clients.

Branded to your business

Trail is branded to your business, keeping you front of mind with your clients.

Desktop, tablet & mobile friendly

Clients can interact with you through Trail from the comfort of their own home, or when they’re on the go through their mobile device.

Online document requests

Trail makes it easy to gather and manage supporting documents online, safely and securely.

Make your sales efforts go further and convert faster

Keep sales progress front of mind

Trail makes it easy to assign leads, and track the progress of opportunities assigned your brokers.

Effectively manage your team of brokers

Create teams of brokers, assign specific responsibilities to assistants, manage your business and protect your data.

Track key metrics to improve your team’s performance

Trail provides reporting across key sales metrics so you can improve your conversion rates.

Be notified of important events

Get notified of key sales driven events, such as fixed rate reviews, policy anniversaries, or important events such as a client’s birthday.


Ready to support your compliance & audit processes


Fixed advice processes

Control how your brokers deliver advice, so your clients get the right advice every time.

Save time servicing clients

Policy anniversaries & fixed rate reviews are a breeze, with automations designed to save your business time and help you avoid missing important servicing events.

Easy auditing & compliance checks

Following the progress of an application or servicing event for a client is made easy with Trail. Logins supplied to your auditing team will make it easy to stay on top of broker file audits.

Automatically store email communication with clients

Integrations with Gmail & Outlook make it easy to save and access email communication between you and your clients, and store these for compliance purposes.

Run your business from a single source of truth

Improve your cross-sell opportunities

Data collected from sale of one financial product can easily be leveraged into the advice process for another financial product.

Only enter data once

All of the information you receive from a client is stored in a single database. If a client updates their details, your records will automatically be updated, and vice versa.

Data kept up to date through time

Trail understands how to keep your data up to date through time, so you’ll never miss an important anniversary event, or opportunity to help a client.

Get ultimate control over your most valuable asset;
the data in your business.

Relentlessly simple, designed by brokers who understand your business challenges.

Receive unlimited, fanatical support, so you get get up and running with Trail fast.


Gmail integration


Our two-way integration with Gmail automatically saves all of your emails into the right client profile, keeping you compliant. You can also send key communications through Trail from your connected email address.

Outlook integration


Our two-way integration with Outlook automatically saves all of your emails into the right client profile, keeping you compliant. You can also send key communications through Trail from your connected email address.

ActiveCampaign integration

Active Campaign

Automate your marketing efforts to your clients. Easily send monthly newsletters, or create emails to trigger when certain events within Trail occur. The Active Campaign integration takes care of all of your marketing needs.

Google Maps integration


Automatically pull through information about companies, directors, and shareholders directly into Trail to help advise business clients.

Google Maps integration

Google Maps

Up to date address and imaging is used to create engaging client processes you can rely on.

Website Widgets

Website Widgets

Insert calculators, or call to action buttons into your website or emails.

MailChimp integration


Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. The MailChimp integration will take care of all of your marketing needs.


Trail fits seamlessly into your business's processes to streamline and improve the way you manage your workflows and clients. Our team is dedicated to making our software integrate with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Full List of Features


Manage client product information from a single source of data

Track important metrics across your business

Manage teams of brokers

Set workflows to match your processes

Set and track activities across your business

Track emails within a client’s profile

Receive timely notifications

Access to ongoing software updates & improvements

Tablet & mobile friendly across devices

Secure cloud-based storage


Generate new business online

Branded online mortgage applications

Automated document collection

Easily prepare lending applications

Automate bank servicing calculations

Request and check client documents

Automated UMI & LVR calculations

Produce a personalised online mortgage recommendation

Confirm loan structures online

Easily manage fixed rate reviews


Set up a company-wide, compliant advice process

Gather all information online or in-person

Automatically calculate cover levels

Estimate the cost of insurance cover

Automate the production of a custom Statement of advice

Store important client documentation

Track and store important compliance information

Compliance support

Use Trail risk-free for 60 days

If you’re not happy Trail is set up and working effectively for your business within 60-days, we’ll refund you your first 2-months of membership, no questions asked.

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