How is Trail different to other providers
in the market?

We set ourselves apart by doing what we say and sticking to our promises. With so many software tools and aggregators to choose from, how do you know Trail is the right fit for your business?

Trail Net Promoter Score

Solving your biggest pain points using technology

The first question we always ask ourselves is “How can we use technology to deliver you the best possible outcome?”

Technology underpins all key processes at Trail, which is difficult for our competitors to emulate. It’s not just about software, but the way you’ll be trained, kept up to date, supported, and provided with compliance solutions. Trail and technology are a synonymous pair, and a winning combination.

Unrivalled support and training

Trail brokers receive unlimited, fanatical support and training by a motivated team who are actively pushing to improve the independence and strength of your business. Don’t believe me? Our clients scored us 9/10 on average for our Net Promoter Score in July.

If your support request is not responded to within one working day, you’ll enjoy a coffee on us.

A flexible ‘all-in-one’ solution for your business

Trail offers you ultimate flexibility to select the services that will add value to your business, rather than having to pay for everything. You can use Trail’s software without being a part of our aggregator. Trail doesn’t lock brokers into long-term contracts, but allows for annual payments and discounts.

We’re all for supporting brokers to be independent and flexible in the way they work.

Encouraging your licencing independence

Trail provides the support required for brokers to maintain a licence at the lowest possible cost through software. We want you to maintain your independence. We make it easy for you to maintain your own FAP licence rather than fall under a generic aggregator licence.

Trail Customisation

So what are you waiting for?

Dedicated Support

Safe & Secure

Effortless Software

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